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Luna Transforming :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 2 0 The Crescent Moon and Lavi the Cat (OP Fanfic) :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 0 0 One Piece Fanfic - Reborn - OC!Luffy :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 1 0 One Piece Fanfic - Reborn - OC!Luffy Jolly Roger :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 0 0 L/Ulquiorra demotivational(DN and Bleach spoiler)2 :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 17 38 Zatsune Miku :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 0 0 Ulquiorra Schiffer/Cifer :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 9 3 Procrastination :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 2 4 L/Ulquiorra demotivational(DN and Bleach spoiler!) :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 63 24 L demotivational poster - Bang! :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 7 3 Vader and Patches :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 1 2 Chillin' :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 4 2 Kittens 1 :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 0 4 Cell Phone Kitten :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 2 2 Christmas Kitten :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 1 2 Bathroom Cat :iconjaymeecsess:jaymeecsess 1 2


YANDERE SIMULATOR|Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! :icondeltamaven:DeltaMaven 73 10 YANDERE SIMULATOR|Midori Gurin - F2U Icon :icondeltamaven:DeltaMaven 58 11 SENPAIII!!!!! :iconla-yiyi:La-Yiyi 109 6 Nami (One Piece) Probando, probando--- :iconyosachun:yosachun 69 20 12 Art Style Challenge :iconcutenerdchick:CuteNerdChick 44 6
Horrible Days (Luffy x Reader)
It was one of the days of the month. Yeah one of those horrible days of the month for a woman. You get it right?
(Name) was on her period. And boy did she felt bad. She was in a sour and sensible mood, even she didn't want to deal with herself and the pain in the abdomen didn't help her too much. She only wanted to wrap a blanket around herself, watch a cheesy romantic movie, cry like there won´t be a tomorrow and hope that the day will pass fast.
“Dinner´s ready” Sanji opened the kitchen´s door warning everyone. A delicious essence could be smelled by everyone.
“Meat!” Luffy exclaimed as he run (almost fly) across the deck, being followed by the entire crew.
“Do you feel alright (Name)?” asked Nami as the two walked to the kitchen.
“Yeah I´m just… tired and sensitive and… a bomb of emotions” The (h/c) haired girl sighed, earning a small chuckle from Nami.
“Cheer up! It´s only a few days” t
:iconumikomitsuki:UmikoMitsuki 315 105
Not As Planned| Reader X Luffy
              Well shit.
              Needless to say things were not going how you wanted them to. Your arm is bleeding, there’s a fire in front of you and the creation you’d been working on for days is burning to a crisp. But there is a reason behind this. What’s today? It’s your captain’s birthday. And do you have a present for him? Nope. Well, you did, but now it was on fire.
              See you specialty was wood carvings. Odd yes but it kept your hands busy when you weren’t fighting. So for Luffy’s birthday you’d figured you’d make in a lion statue, similar to the figurehead of the Sunny. A great idea right? It was, until the machine you were using to add the finishing touches to your statue not only backfired but it also kin
:iconpsychocircus774:PsychoCircus774 93 4
Cute Laugh: Luffy X Reader

    (f/n): Name
    Luffy and (f/n) sat on the figurehead of the Thousand Sunny together after a long day of adventure. The male held her close to his body, his legs tangled with hers. His arms kept a tight grip around her waist, and he smiled a smile filled with content when he felt her lean against his toned chest.
    Hearing her sigh, the future king grinned widely, and leaned down to nuzzle her neck, which made the girl giggle.
    "You have a cute laugh, (f/n)!" Luffy exclaimed, pressing his nose to the warm skin, and holding her a little tighter. (f/n) chuckled once more, and tilted her head to the side to give Luffy some extra room.
    "You do too, Luffy," she entertained with a smile.
    At this, however, the boy frowned.
    "No way!"
:iconwolfofthemoons:WolfOfTheMoons 279 37
20 Style Meme :iconplatybara:PlatyBara 81 11 Yandere Simulator Website artwork :iconkjech:kjech 562 57 A respite between the killing :iconkjech:kjech 870 119 Rem and Ram :iconkjech:kjech 308 28 Yanderechan's relax trip :iconkjech:kjech 576 86 Delinquent trainer Osoro :iconkjech:kjech 461 68
Chance Meet - Saitama x Reader {One-shot}
‘It’s not like I need fan, but it would be nice if someone noticed what I’ve been doing…’

You turned in a circle, eyes darting about. The store was bustling, sliding doors stunting every couple of seconds for an extra burst of customers. It was no surprise; the sales today were absolutely crazy, and you weren’t one to hang back and let it all happen without grabbing something good.
“What do I want tonight?” you murmured to yourself, weaving around the throng of people. ‘Something rich, juicy.’
You rounded a corner and that was when you saw it. “Oh my god,” you exclaimed, grazing the price tag for a pork tenderloin with your fingertips. 
It was too good. Too. Good.

With an almost animalistic glint in your eye, you reached forward, relishing in the satisfaction that you were about to snatch up the last tenderloin. Your mouth was already melting as you thought about thr
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 215 28
Hetalia x reader: stupid autocorrect 2
Poland: hey girl are you like still at the mall 
_____: yeah why
Poland: good i need OPI nail polish
Poland: nipple pink 
____: .......nipple pink ok one or two bc you go through nail polish like that 
Poland : no arg I ment TICKLE PINK 
____: did you know your bruder I trying to contact you 
____: he called you twice already
Germany : yeah yeah he pissed me off yesterday so I stabbed him 
Germany : no I ment ignored him not stabbed he may be sat annoying but I could never do that to him Frau
America: dudette the movie starts at 7:30! Ill bring the kitkat bars
_____: ok ill bring the penis enemies!!!! Woot woot 
_____: NO! I ment the peanut s&m 
America: whoa didnt know you were that kinky _____ 😉😘😚
____: I ment peanut m&ms dumbass perve
:icondarkange13579:darkange13579 552 166


Luna Transforming
A character from a manga/book my sister and I are writing transforming. Luna is a black dog demon. The stuff around her is her demonic energy.:)
The Crescent Moon and Lavi the Cat (OP Fanfic)
Hiya! This here is a cute anime kitty who's in my One Piece Fanfiction, Reborn! It's an OC!LuffyxNami story, and can be found at… .

Lavi the cat is a special little kitty who ate the Lion Lion fruit and gained the ability to turn into a large, golden lion. :)

And yes, I know I'm not very good at backgrounds yet... I'm working on it. :P
Avery McKenzy (AKA Dunahask)
Got bored and drew an OC I submitted for a fanfiction at fictionpress (it's called Virtual Arena, and it's written by The Last Artisan. Go on and check it out!). :P
I'm 15 now, and today was my first day at school. Thank you for everyone who has supported me (including my family and maybe 3 other people... :[) and I plan on uploading more drawings (which, I promise, are a lot better than my previously uploaded ones) this weekend. :D

I'm in an AP and Honors class this year, so I might be a little too busy to upload drawings from now on, and yes, I know I've neglected deviantart for a very, very long time, but I PROMISE that I'll be uploading both drawings and demotivational posters. No, I haven't forgotten about the MMD things, either! I'll upload those when I can, but I intend on practicing more with PMD Editor before doing so, since none of the models have been good or changed much. I'll be making models my own way :P

If you're reading this, I love you and thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to do so. I really wasn't planning to write this much, but when I mentioned school, I thought that I might as well tell you some things I've been planning as well. :)

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Me! XD Have a great day and life! Make it my birthday present from you! :) :) :)
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Me loves drawing, using MMD, singing, writing, reading, WoW (world of warcraft)- you get the idea!!! =D


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